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West Coast sightseeing and wildlife tour

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See the stunning west coast of Andøya, inner skerries around Andenes, Bleik/Bleik Bird Island, hidden beaches (Otervika, Rækvika, Høyvika), gannets, puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes, cormorants, guillemots, white-tailed eagles. Possibly harbour seals and more.

This tour will take you along the stunning west coast of Andøya from Andenes to Stave. We begin by cruising through the inner archipelago around Andenes and continue towards Bleik fishing village and Bleik Bird Island. From Bleik we drive to the three hidden beaches of Andøya, Otervika, Rækvika and Høyvika (only reachable by foot or boat) before we return towards Andenes.

During the bird breeding season from mid-April to mid-August you will experience a gannet colony, a shag colony and one of the most important puffins colonies in Northern Norway with thousands of breeding pairs. Other seabirds that we normally encounter are razorbills, kittiwakes, cormorants, Arctic skuas, common and black guillemot.

The majestic white-tailed eagle can be seen in great numbers all year round.

Other species that we sometimes encounter are, harbor seals, and different whales species such as harbor porpoises, orcas, pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. No guarantees ☺
This tour is also offered as a midnight sun tour during the summer season from 22. May to 22. July

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Andenes Camping

Distancia: 3 km
Andenes Camping is beautifully located at the entrance to Andenes and accommodates campers, caravans and tents. Here you will find a breathtaking view of the ocean that you can enjoy when you have parked and immersed yourself in tranquility.